Ethos Genetics - Orange Kush Cake R1 (Fem)

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Product Description

  • Breeder: Ethos Genetics
  • Lineage: (Wedding Cake x Jilly Bean) x Triangle Kush x Lil R2
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Pack Size: 5 seeds
  • Flowering Time: 56-70 days
  • TAC: 30%+
  • Terpenes: Orange & Citrus, Sour Grape Candy, Earthy Chem
  • Description: Orange Kush Cake is a euphoric and hard-hitting nighttime smoke, minus the couch lock. Her medium-sized, spongy flowers glisten with huge trichomes that sparkle like diamonds. 
  • Features: 
    • Her complicated combo of citrus leans towards rich oranges and mingles with grapefruit, sour grape candy, sandalwood and earthy chem. 
    • Strong plant that stays medium-height with good lateral branching.
    • She’s perfect for any substrate or room, indoors or outdoors.
    • Great for nighttime—she’s physically and mentally euphoric and relaxing.