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Testers from us! Irvine Seed Company!

Here is how it works...

We are searching for the best and most passionate home growers on social media. These Levels will help us gauge from the casual grower, all the way to the most passionate farmer with a desire to be in the cannabis industry! Testers at every Level are always FREE!

 These are Level 1 Testers.

For the BEGINNER or casual farmer! You can stay on Level 1 forever! If you don't feel like posting or being involved, that's fine! Find a nice gem! No strings! 

Level 1 testers are entry level, easy to grow cannabis seeds. Everyone can do it and it's where everyone starts! 

Our signature feminized line start at Level 2. In order to move up to Level 2 Testers, please read below:

The MORE you take/share photos and tag @irvineseeds and #IRVINESEEDS, document progress, involve yourself with the company (Say hello! Comment etc.) via social media, easy way to get to Level 2. We put years of time and tremendous effort into our breeding program. We are looking for candidates thats are just as serious and passionate as we are! That is why we don't want to just give our exclusive genetics to just anyone. An artistic eye and passion for growing will always overshadow talent and experience! 


  • Limit 1 per customer per day. 
  • Please only put a quantity of 1. No matter how many you order, all orders will get the same number of Level 1 Testers. 
  • Level 1 Testers are regular seeds.


Follow our Cultivation Manager if you're interested in moving up Levels! 

  • IG: @Breeder_J  
  • Twitter: @heknowsgrows 

Top Levels include CUSTOM free feminized seeds for LIFE!  Industry opportunity US & Canada only.