Mephisto Genetics - Double Grape (Auto)

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Product Description

  • Breeder: Mephisto Genetics
  • Lineage: Sour Stomper x Grape Crinkle
  • Strain: Indica Dominant Hybrid (60/40)
  • Sex: Autoflower
  • Seed to Harvest: 65-70 days
  • Pack Size: 3 seeds
  • Description: “A beautiful medium size plant with large buds full of frost. The big yields are very high in THC for this Indica leaning hybrid.”
    • Yield: 90-140g
    • Aroma & Flavor: Strong complex aroma, blending sweet and sour, grapes and gas. Tastes of a deep, rich red grape with a sweet grape pop
    • Effect: Potent hybrid, both stimulating and sedative depending on tolerance and consumption
    • Medicinal Effect: Great for aches, pains, sleep and appetite stimulation

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